Tanjee's purpose is to help you on your journey with your self-love, self-belief and self-confidence.

Since a very young age, my dream was to work in the fashion industry.

My very first job was in an alterations shop where I would spend each day after school unpicking and re stitching zips for a lovely lady. She gave me the opportunity to design and make my very first dress for my year 10 formal.

I made a slight mistake with my store bought pattern and joined the seams together incorrectly. However, I liked it so much better like that!

From then onwards, I fell in love with creating fashion.

I had a desire to create clothing that was simple yet unique. It is amazing how confident a woman walks into a room when she is proud of what she is wearing.

I studied at Melbourne School of Fashion for two years until I decided to make the plunge.

Tanjee was created in 2015.

The first pieces I created were Midnight Moscato, Poss and Poppy dress. I had a family friend overseas help manufacture a limited run for me. I learnt so much about fashion and business from him.

Now, moving forward as the Australian market and Fashion industry is ever changing. I am very excited to announce that Tanjee is now focusing on in-house and local hand made pieces.

I will be sourcing materials and creating garments made with love and care to support our local community. I want to encourage others to support their communities where they can. I believe it's incredibly important to know where your clothes come from.

It is even more important to be proud of your purchases.

Tanjee is still a small label (just me) plus the support of amazing friends and family!

Thank you to everyone, 

for all your encouragement, patients and support throughout this transition!


Much love,